Toast & Jam

A Saturday Brunch Improv Mixer

Every Saturday Morning

10:00am Pacific
11:00am Mountain
12:00pm Central
1:00pm Eastern
6:00pm UTC DST
11:30pm India DST

After seeing the success of the InterCity Long Form Improv Jam, we looked into the wants and needs of our improvisers, specifically the want to play now and the need to play more. Giving credit to Jasmine Kojouri (“We need more reps!”) and Elyse Iovino (“We want to drink mimosas while we play!”), InterCity came up with the premise of a jam to satisfy both: have improvisers play in subsequent improv sets, and play them frequently… also to have a jam time friendly to improvisers residing in both sides of the Prime Meridian.

Things To Expect:
  • Three rounds of long form improv, 12-17 minutes each.
  • Sets are performed in breakout groups of 3 to 4 people with no audience; you get to play for yourselves and for each other!
  • No waiting for your turn to play; you play in every single round. That’s 42 to 51 minutes of continual improv!
  • Subsequent rounds get an additional rule or theme to make sets more interesting, using the WHEEL OF NAMES (o…O)
The unofficial mascots of Toast & Jam: A Saturday Brunch Improv Mixer.

Past Round 2 Scenarios

  • Every scene must include a death and resurrection.
  • Someone must be sarcastic.
  • There is a constant “smell” in the air.
  • Everyone is named some variation of “Steve.”
  • Someone must be too interesting.
  • Inner Monologue/Mocumentary-style set.
  • Lines must start with “I,” “You,” or “We.”
  • Set must be performed as “The Bat.”
  • Subsequent words with escalating syllables.
  • Questions Only within a scene.
  • QVC: someone must be always selling something.
  • Voltron: everybody part of same entity.
  • Zoom filters/ Zoom Backgrounds utilized.
  • Pillars: players in the back line can give lines when prompted.

Past Round 3 Themes

  • Golden Girls
  • Mafia Movie
  • Western Gun Smoke
  • Shark Tank
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Pokémon/etc.
  • Stranger Things
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Deleted Scenes from The Wiz
  • Origin Story of…
  • Park Bench Start
  • Gritty Supernatural
  • Seinfeld
  • Batman
  • Telephone Game

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