Musical Improv Jam

If music be the food of love, then musical improv is pure joy in a can. – Faustino

We are pleased to announce we have a musical improv jam! We started offering musical improv as a jam opportunity through the InterCity Long Form Improv Jam, and after weeks of improvisers showing up week to week to participate, we have decided to create our own stand-alone jam dedicated to musical improv. With all of the classes available online to learn and digest, we realize there aren’t many opportunities for improviser to put their musical improv learnings to practical use. That’s why we created a jam in which anyone of any skill level can participate in musical improv without a paywall. (Except for tipping the Musical Director, we want to take care of our Musical Directors. This is optional though. Sorry, MDs.)


Anyone can play.

True to how we at InterCity believe to support our community as best as possible, we make it possible for anyone of any improv skill level can participate. We produce our jam so that people new to musical improv can get their feet wet in a safe and supporting environment, while experienced musical improvisers can enjoy playing with like-skilled players as well as support newer players into the medium.

Musical Directors got your back.

We have throughout 2020 scouted and curated a roster of some of the best Improv Musical Directors in the world (oddly enough from New York State, who knew?). In spite of the obstructions of online due to Zoom mechanics, our Musical Directors are able to support improvisers and navigate them though even the most zany of scenes and games, song structure or not!

Short Form AND Long Form here.

Slap music into any short form game or long form scene, and now you have musical improv. We will host both styles of improv as a way to hone basic musical improv skills such as rhythm, listening, communication, lyric structure, and Yes, And, as well as create an opportunity to appreciate how music can heighten and support both styles.

Musical Improv should be accessible.

We chose our schedule specifically so people around most time zones are able to participate. Whether you’re waking up in California, brunching on the Eastern American Seaboard, or wrapping up your weekend on the Eastern Hemisphere, we’re sure to make ourselves available for you to play with us!


Musical Improv Jam
Every Sunday
1:00pm Eastern
12:00pm Central
11:00am Mountain
10:00am Pacific
6:00pm UTC
11:30pm India

Check our Facebook Page for the latest event!

Let’s do that improv together, no matter where you are.

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